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queek’d: scoring system

queek’d scoring system

How We Score Each Site

For optimum transparency, we want to share with you a brief overview of our site scoring system, so you can see how we ensure you have simply the best dating sites to choose from.

Here at queek’d we like to be transparent, because honesty really is a positive thing in the world of dating, and we want to make sure we reflect that belief throughout our business. For that reason, we thought you might like to know how we’re scoring all the amazing dating sites brought to you by our fabulous comparison website.

Why Use A Ratings System?

To make sure our belief systems and highest standards are met, we have devised our own scoring system to rate each site out of five possible stars, with 5 being the highest score and 0 being the lowest score. Having a strong rating system in place ensures fairness, honesty and an unbiased rating for each site. This also makes it much easier for you, our treasured singles to choose the right site for your individual wants and needs.

We score each site on ten points, which were created, reviewed, tested and agreed upon by the entire queek’d team. These points are regularly reviewed to ensure any improvements that can be made, are. Each individual point is able to gain a maximum of a 0.5 score, so if one site got the maximum of 0.5 per point they would get a rating of 5. We believe this system is honest, clear, transparent and will have a positive impact on the online dating scene worldwide.


Upholding Our Standards And Beliefs

queek’d actively supports online dating sites promoting serious relationships and real love. Casual hookups are offered on many sites, but that kind of connection doesn’t fall under our ethos so, we wouldn’t feature a site with a complete focus on this kind of interaction. Sites are rewarded for a focus supporting and promoting real, honest, long term connections. To find out exactly how committed the site is to commitment, we ask if they have success stories, and for statistics and information on marriages they have created.

Every single dating site will be constantly gathering information from their members to ensure they can continually improve their services. The ultimate goal for any dating site is to have the most successful amount of love matches of all similar online dating sites. Those that score highly on this point would have lots of positive data relating to serious connections like marriages or official relationships, not just a high amount of people who have messaged each other and gone on dates. We also look for the site to hold a bank of success stories from a broad selection of their users.

Asking these questions ensures everyone we work closely with aligns with our company values.


Looking Out For Your Needs

We want online dating to be as easy, and pleasurable for all our users. For that reason, we ensure we ask lots of questions to find out exactly how sites are looking out for you. We want to know how you can access their site (mobile site, app, website etc) because it makes sense the more ways you can access or use their site the better. Once you’re using their site we also want to ensure you’re supported and able to access help as and when you need it. We ask what levels of support and customer service users can expect. This is so important to ensure you get high quality support in using the site, whenever you need it. We ask our dating partners how they help users with things like reporting another user, cancelling a membership or removing profile information from their database.There’s also the all important question of how many members the site actually has – the more people on there, the more chance you have of finding love, naturally.


Keeping You Safe

One of our priority questions for sites is finding out how they verify profiles. Verification usually occurs within the first 24 hours to protect other members against scammers. Profile are checked for things like genuine and unique images, age, spelling and grammar, IP address, email address and message content. This is because scammers can often be identified through their patterns of behaviour on a dating site.

This is so important to us, as you may already know if you have read many of our safety guides and articles. Although the world of online dating is predominantly safe, positive and fun, inevitably there are and will always be ill-meaning people around. From a moral and ethical standpoint, we view it as our responsibility to inform and educate our users on potential dangers wit

h online dating and how to avoid them, no matter how small these risks might be, so that everyone has a positive online dating experience. It is important to us, that any online dating site we actively connect our users to, holds safety for their members as a top priority.


The ODA (Online Dating Association)

You might have already seen the logo for this association on dating sites you have explored. Sites that are a member of the ODA score highly in that area of our scoring system.

Membership to this association guarantees that to be a member, the site has committed to a stringent industry code of practise. This code of practise is extensive and includes a promise of transparent communication with members, privacy protection and guidance on what is deemed to be unacceptable behaviour and how to report that behaviour should you experience it. You can find the entire code here.


Queek’d Paving The Way For Online Dating Industry Standards

 We hope this gives you a little insight into the way we’re constantly working hard to ensure your user experience with us is as high quality as it can be. Eventually, we hope for our scoring system to be used as an industry standard, enabling everyone enjoying online dating to have a recognised, respected indication of a sites standards easily displayed and identified through a simple, easy to understand score. It does take hard work to make love happen, and here at queek’d, we’re putting in as much elbow grease as possible so you get to enjoy all the wonderful things love brings, without having to worry about anything other than which profile picture to put up!