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Have You Heard About Queek’d?


Have you been dating a while, but find yourself a bit swamped by the exciting, but ever so slightly confusing world of online dating? Do you struggle to know which sites are best for you? Which sites match your preferences? Would you love a helping hand when it comes to navigating your ship through this wonderful sea of dating opportunities? Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and online dating is completely alien to you. Wouldn’t a guide to this incredible technological world be pretty great?


Say hi to Queek’d – the only dating buddy you need.


Who Is Queek’d For?

Queek’d is for all singles who are serious about being seriously in love. We take no issue with casual relationships, but our heart is with helping singles who want long term relationships. Anyone over the age of 18 will benefit from using Queek’d, if they truly desire love, and perhaps have been struggling to find it via standard internet searches.


It’s Not An Exclusive Club, But It Is An Exciting Hub

Queek’d is a modern, lively, inspirational, interactive and incredibly informative dating hub. It is a way for you to enjoy a streamlined online dating experience, with minimal searching needed – who has the time? We offer you a fun, and easy way to connect to the right site, from a database of over 30 (and growing) registered sites.


A Quick & Easy Quiz

We have a pretty incredible quickie route for you to take to get you matched to the sites best suited to you, super-fast. We’ve custom built our very own algorithm that maps your preferences to different dating sites, making sure you never sign up to the wrong site again. No boring forms, or lengthy questions, just a simple, fun, interactive nifty quiz which uses our unique algorithm and 7 questions that when answered, will help you see which of the top 30 UK online dating sites are most applicable to you.



We have taken the time and expertise to individually and carefully collate the very best dating sites – niche and traditional. This is to ensure you are able to compare the cream of the crop really quickly, and with the greatest of ease. No need to scout each site out one at a time, simply have a gander at our comparison tables checking out the sites that rank highest or have the highest scores in our scoring system.

We have created this system with an aim of it one day becoming a universal scoring system across all dating sites. In the meantime, you get to benefit from it here as we apply it to all the online dating sites/apps listed on Queek’d (you can also read more about our scoring system here).

Dating Advice, Evolved

One of the most unique aspects of Queek’d (apart from our matching algorithm) is the consistent dedication to providing transformational advice. No flimsy, generic dating advice from us, we’re all about practical tips that will actually help you. Transformational advice is dating advice evolved, into handpicked information backed by a depth of knowledge and experience. Transformational dating advice is all about empowering you to transform your own love life, to hold the power over your own romantic destiny.


Coming Up

Queek’d has been busy working on a strong, sturdy base on which to grow. Now, we’re ready to ourselves evolve, adding more features to make online dating even easier for you. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy some of the many benefits of using Queek’d right now, including:

  • Giving you access to our fun 7-question quiz
  • Saving you lots of time
  • Giving you access to effective dating advice
  • Ensuring you’re only seeing sites with a focus on true love
  • Daily dating tips shared on our social media pages
  • Helping you feel empowered to find love your way


Queek’d is the only dating buddy you will ever need. We’re honest, transparent, friendly and innovative – we really do have your dating needs at heart.


Take our quiz today to connect to online dating, the quick and easy kind of way.