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September 28, 2016
by Elisa@Queek'd
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What is queek’d?

Have you heard about queek’d?   Have you been dating a while, but find yourself a bit swamped by the exciting, but ever so slightly confusing world of online dating? Do you struggle to know which sites are best for … Continue reading


September 26, 2016
by Elisa@Queek'd
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Naked Attraction: The Next Giant Leap in Dating?

Naked Attraction: Super, Or Superficial?   Now that Naked Attraction series 1 has ended and the dust has settled, we’re sharing our thoughts on this giant leap in dating evolution… You’re sitting down with your cup of hot, strong tea … Continue reading


September 1, 2016
by Elisa@Queek'd
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5 Tips for Shy Girls

5 Tips for Shy Girls by First Date Purgatory (Guest Post) Anyone who deals with shyness knows it can be a real hindrance in life, especially when it comes to dating. You’d love nothing more than to go up to that … Continue reading