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February 8, 2017
by Elisa@Queek'd
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The Single Girl’s Guide To Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

The single girl’s guide to spending Valentine’s Day alone!

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Listen up ladies, it’s nearly Valentine’s Day. For those that are loved up it is all gifts, cards and flowers, but for those who are not so lucky to have found the love of your life just yet, it can become slightly soul destroying.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend the day under your duvet, hiding from the world. In fact, we believe that just because you are single, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel the love on Valentine’s Day. It might just mean that you have to do it alone!


Perform yourself a ritual



There is a lot that can be said for some positive thinking. Whilst you may think that a singleton ritual sounds a little on the cheesy side, it can work wonders for making you feel great. Grab some candles, some incense, a pen and paper and write down everything that you are looking for in your soulmate. Burn the paper using the candle and leave it up to the magic of the universe to make your dreams come true!


Get on a dating site and see who is about!

What better promise to make to yourself on Valentine’s Day, then the idea that you will find yourself love? If you need help, check out queek’d – our very own online dating portal that will help you compare all of the best dating apps and websites. Remember, the right site means better matches.

Once you have picked a platform, you can start browsing other singletons also spending Valentine’s alone, and if you’re lucky, maybe connect with someone for a “virtual date,” now there’s a thought!


Treat yourself to abit of Self Love


If you are home alone on Valentine’s Day, why not embrace that treasured alone time and give yourself a treat? Run a deliciously hot bath, pack it with amazingly scented bath products and surround yourself with candles and a good book. Soak away your worries, your stresses and just concentrate on a bit of ‘you’ time.

After all, the greatest love of all is one that you have for yourself! Or something along the lines of what Whitney sang all those years ago!


Spend it with friends

Worried about spending Valentine’s Day alone? Simple answer, don’t! Do you have some other single friends that are facing the evening on their own? Get together and have yourself an amazing evening. If you don’t want to be faced with countless couples, have an evening in with a glass or two of wine and a huge takeaway! That will make you feel better!


If you really want to be on your V-Day A-Game, spend two days doing everything on the list and you’ll soon be feeling super awesome!



There’s no excuse to let Valentine’s Day pass you by. See the great things in being single this Valentine’s Day and ample opportunity for it to be all about you.

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February 8, 2017
by Elisa@Queek'd
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4 Ways To Find A Date For Valentine’s Day

How To Find A Date For Valentine’s Day

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, you are going to have to face facts that it is soon going to be Valentine’s Day.

If you are in a couple this means gushing declarations of love and romantic meals or getaways together. If you are single it could mean lots of sympathetic looks from friends and family members, and perhaps an evening spent hiding away eating tubs of ice cream.

Here at queek’d we think that it is never too late to find yourself a hot date for Valentine’s Day! Instead of facing up to a year of loneliness, why not follow our top dating tips for finding a date, and make sure that you feel the love this Valentine’s Day?


Have a social heart not a lonely heart!

Kind hearted soul requires date for Valentine's Day.....blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah you get the picture ;-)

Are you active on social media? Have plenty of family and friends who can help you on your quest to secure a date in time for Valentine’s Day? Why don’t you utilise your social network and see if it can help.

Put together a “deadly serious” status that advertises the fact that you are looking for a date, think of it as a social hearts ad (not a lonely hearts ad) and embrace the modern age!


Don’t be blind to the idea of blind dates 


Going on a blind date is enough to strike fear into the hearts of singletons everywhere. A friend will turn to you one day and say “Oh I know someone who is perfect for you, let me set you up on a date!”

Then, there comes the dread of meeting up with someone that you don’t know, simply on a recommendation from a pal. If you are struggling to find yourself a date, perhaps the help of a friend could be much welcomed! So, why not embrace the idea of being set up this Valentine’s Day? Just make sure you have a deal set up with your friend that they will be on hand to rescue you should you encounter a dating disaster.


Get yourself on a dating app (let queek’d help)


At queek’d we know a bit about the variety of dating apps and websites that are out there. So why not see if you can find yourself a date using some online tech? Not sure on the right one for your needs, we offer a comparison service that will help you decide on a good place to start your hunt for an online lover!


Be brave and ask that crush on a date

Have you found yourself looking longingly at that hottie in the gym? Seen someone on the daily commute who gets your pulse racing? Why not see if they are free for a date this Valentine’s Day?

It can be scary to pluck up the courage to ask them out, and there is a good chance they will already be taken. But if you don’t ask, then you will never know what could happen. If they say no, you might feel a tad bit embarrassed but these feelings will soon pass and be replaced with feelings of ‘Oh my god, I did it.’ You’ll feel super proud of yourself and become a super confident dater. But you never know, there’s a good chance that your hottie patottie might just say yes ;)

These are just a few ways that will help you find a date right in time for Valentine’s Day. Maybe he/she will be the person of your dreams, or maybe it’ll just be a romantic evening. Either way you’ll be winning!

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February 2, 2017
by Elisa@Queek'd
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3 Reasons You Might Need To Take a Break from Dating

Taking a Break from Dating After the Latest Dating Disaster


The points in this article will go against tons of advice both online and offline relating to dating. In fact, it might even go against your natural instincts to ‘jump back on the dating horse’ after you have once again fallen right off, with a big old lonely bump to the head. Perseverance never killed anyone, but in some instances, it can do more harm than good!

queek'd girls chatting 

The inspiration behind this article came after a best friend found herself yet again on the phone to me in tears, after another horrendous dating experience. (I must add here that there have been great experiences for her as well, and happy phone calls along with them). But the advice I found myself giving her after the latest emotional phone call was completely different to all the advice I had given her before. I simply said, “You need to be kind to yourself and just, be”.

I think it became obvious to me, and her that at this time, that she simply needed to give herself a bit of love, and stay well clear of the dating scene for a month or two. 

Here are 3 reasons you should take a break from dating:

Let the emotions happen 

So many people go through emotional trauma and simply don’t give themselves the time to say “hey, I am hurting”. Yes some people can just put it down to experience and move on, but some can’t and that vital emotional digestion time is so important for those people.

If you’ve been on two dates or hundreds with the same person and find yourself being cut loose, or having to cut them loose, you need to take a little time to take stock of your emotions. Even if you just cry for a week and let the emotions organically develop enough to clear your head. We are told frequently that bottling up our emotions is bad for us, and it is, so get the tissues out, or the punchbag, or the soppy films and just let yourself be sad or angry or bewildered for a while. You will naturally start to forget about it and find a natural resolve. 

Ride out the current storm

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In some instances, people will come out of dating a person when that particular dating experience is not yet finished. So with my friend, she knows what she needs to do (cut the current date out of her life) but she knows in all likelihood there’s a fair few dates and messy conversations left before it’s over for good. If you know yourself well enough to know it isn’t over with a particular date, put that new horse back in the paddock and ride out the current storm you’re in the middle of. It’s not fair on you, or a new date, to complicate things even further and move forward when you’re still hooked on a certain someone. So acknowledge the fact you’re not ready to move on and get to grips with what’s happening right here, right now.


This might be learning about where it all went wrong with this date, or you might be learning that you need some you time. Whatever the learning curve is, you’re not going to give yourself any room for growth if you go back into dating bitter, angry and paranoid. There’s a key difference between people who take stock and hold past experiences like a weight on their shoulders, and people who take stock, learn life’s lessons and move forward taking only the positives with them. Maybe this dating experience has taught you how to approach dates better, or taught you not to sleep with a person on the first date. Whatever lesson there is to learn, you must give yourself space to learn it so you move forward with positivity.

 queek'd dating disaster


“Your journey on earth is your personal journey of life.”

Lailah Gifty Akita


If you do feel ready to date, let us help you find the right site..Click here.

Everything happens for a reason.

January 18, 2017
by Elisa@Queek'd
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Remaining Positive When Single

A Guide to Maintaining A Positive Mindset When Single

When you’ve been on your own for a while, it is understandable to feel negative and that you will never meet Mr or Mrs Right. However, that feeling which reality has instilled within you could not be more misleading!

As a singleton myself, I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and that good things come to those who wait, and I must say, this outlook has helped me to maintain single sanity. However, keeping myself busy with other things has also been highly beneficial and I feel that these suggestions will be great for you if you feel that you are stuck in a ‘singlelife’ rut


Common perceptions of why you are single, according to yourself

However, before I go into more detail about these, I feel it is important to touch on some of the most common reasons which people use to self-justify why they are single.

A broken heart from a previous relationship
Past life experiences

…but the fact of the matter is, that if you meet the right person and you are open with them about your woes, then they will accept you for who you are and you will not have to feel worried. If someone likes you enough, they will do what they can to help heal you and to provide you with that reassurance that they are there for you and that they think you are a beautiful, regardless of the ‘baggage’ which you may have. At the end of the day, everyone has ‘baggage’, it is just about finding someone else who wants to help lift that weight of your shoulders and be your rock.

If you’ve dated someone previously and it has not worked out, remember not to take it personally. Life is not straight forward and sometimes you can meet the right person but the timing could not be worse. What is meant to be will be, so be patient and in the meantime, find nice distractions!

How to maintain positive vibes


Click here to read full article…..


Guest blog by hellolucyxo – dating & lifestyle blogger. To read more posts visit Lucy’s website here.

Ultimate Date Experience

December 9, 2016
by Elisa@Queek'd
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WIN: The Ultimate Date Experience


‘The Ultimate Date Experience’

3 x  unique prizes


We’re offering ONE lucky winner the chance to WIN the ‘Ultimate Date Experience’ right here in the heart of Manchester. You and your date will experience 3 individual dates that are sure to get the chemistry going and set those romantic sparks flying. Win a ‘SUMPTUOUS TWO COURSE MEAL (inc sharing cocktail) upto the value of £50 at The Alchemist (Spinningfields)’, before walking hand in hand to the decadent Epernay Champagne Bar to enjoy luxurious ‘CHAMPAGNE COCKTAILS’ for two. And if that isn’t enough to set your heart racing, enjoy a unique and fun experience at Breakout Manchester and flirt your way around a locked room, solving mysteries and puzzles to complete a live escape.


This is the ‘Ultimate Date Experience’ not to be missed.  




How To Enter:

Complete both steps to be entered into the prize draw.

Step 1:

Twitter: ‘RETWEET’ competition tweet.


Facebook: ‘SHARE’ competition post.

Step 2:

Complete 7-question quiz on queek’d website  (link below and in post). Don’t forget to create an account as the WINNER will be contacted via email.




Twitter: @queekd

Facebook: /queekd


Please read the T&C’s below. We look forward to receiving your entry.







UK entrants only. Must be 18 years and over. Winner must be single and currently online dating. Winner is requested to provide a screenshot of current online dating profile. Channels of entry Facebook or Twitter. Competition closing date 31ST December 2016 at 5pm. Winner will be drawn at random on 1st January 2017. Winner will be confirmed by email and announced on queek’d (Facebook & Twitter) on 1st January 2017. Entrants MUST complete steps 1 & 2 entrants to be entered into prize draw. Entrants can only enter once. All prize details will be emailed to the winner by 8th January. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Prize value £0.01. Offer subject to change without prior notice. Subject to availability. Each prize has been donated by participating companies. All companies have agreed to sponsor this competition. Winner must consent to filming a short video review after each date experience and give permission for footage to be shared on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram). Video footage will be filmed by queek’d and may appear on other queek’d platforms without prior consent. queek’d will own the copyright of all film footage. Additional footage can be recorded by the winner (on winners device) and sent to queek’d. The Alchemist: Prize includes a two-course meal for two people at The Alchemist (Spinningfields). Meals can be selected from starter, main or desert menu upto the value of £50. If final bill exceeds £50, winner must pay the difference. Also included: 1 x ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’ sharing cocktail worth £20. This item is offered in addition to the £50 meal voucher. Prize must be redeemed/booked by emailing BDM at The Alchemist (Spinningfields), quoting reference number. Full details emailed to the winner by 8th January 2017. Prize must be booked and redeemed by 8th March 2017 (excluding 14th February 2017). Booking can be made 7days per week. Prize will be forfeited if not redeemed by 8th March 2017. Breakout Manchester: Prize includes 2 free games to Breakout Manchester (team of 2 only). Winner can select any escape room on Breakout Manchester’s website. All booking details will be emailed to winner by 8th January 2017. To book, winner must email the following information to queek’d – Name, Address, Escape Room, Date & Time. Prize must be redeemed by 31st Dec 2017. Epernay Manchester: Prize includes 2 x glasses of  house champagne at Epernay Champagne Bar. Voucher can be redeemed 7 days per week until 31st January 2017.



queek'd What it's really like being single

November 22, 2016
by admin
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What it’s really like being single

What’s it really like to be single?


It may not seem like it at the time, but there are worse things than being single. What does make single life a touch more intolerable is probably the stigmatisms assumptions that are attached to it.  Are you constantly saying to friends ‘No you cannot arrange a date for me with your one other single friend, no I’m not completely miserable but no, neither am I having the time of my life going out at weekends chatting with hot individuals’. We all vary in how we feel about singlelife, though it’s pretty safe to say we all have a couple of common factors that impact us during the ‘in between relationships’ time of life.



Confidence whilst you’re single comes in waves; sometimes you’ll feel invincible, like you don’t need anyone but yourself to be happy…


… Other times you’ll find yourself sat in front of the TV watching Love Actually, questioning your poor dating abilities.

It’s all about finding a happy medium! Build up your confidence slowly, rather than being brash and misleading yourself into a false sense of security.


The Settlement Issue 

Sometimes it gets to the point where you start to picture yourself with any legible single you are remotely attracted to. This leads to some chatting, a couple of dates, they’ve met your friends and oh look, you’re now exclusive.


You suddenly realise you’ve rushed yourself into a situation that’s not so easy to get yourself out of. Even if it has been a while since you’ve had a partner, don’t settle for someone who doesn’t give you the buzz! Hang on just a little longer!


The Parents

Not having the opportunity to impress parents is something oddly dissatisfying about being single. The absolute determination of making a good impression offers a sense of achievement… If everything goes to plan…


Think of it like this – Even if everything does go south, if his parents love you, his next girlfriend will have some pretty big shoes to fill.


The ‘Inspo’

Listening to the typical comments from friends who enjoy bestowing their relationship advice upon you, bearing in mind that this advice is most likely to have been taken from an ‘inspo’ Instagram account.



Just sit there, listen and pretend that it’s helping, even if you’re thinking that you’ve heard it all before.




Despite these unhelpful little snippets of advice, there is one fact widely known to be true; being single really does give you the freedom to focus on yourself for a while.


Use this time to focus on getting ahead and feeling good in your current situation before getting distracted by a relationship. It’s no fun feeling guilty over not spending enough time with your new partner because you’ve already got too much on your plate. Use this time to get relationship ready.



Being single means you don’t have to set aside 5 hours of prep time prior to each and every dinner or cinema date. Worry not about the leg hair nor the fake-tan-free skin and let it be!


It feels good to be at peace with yourself and not centre every other evening around your beauty regime in preparation for the night ahead. Leave everything as it is until your standard Saturday plans with your best mates, it’ll only build your anticipation for your night out.


The Gifts 

Everybody enjoys the feeling of giving, whether it be super special birthday gifts or the perfect Christmas present, but actually having to find those presents is a stress we could all do without.


And what about the expense? That’s money that could go towards yourself, your family, friends and yourself! You’ll be saving a fair bit of dollar and stress this Christmas.


Your Complete Self

There’s always that one best friend or family member who knows every single detail about you, but will they ever really know you as intimately as a partner might do? Being with someone brings out another side to you that’s only visible to your significant other.

Sometimes it’s difficult when that side cannot be expressed, when you don’t have anyone to fully share yourself with or anyone to care for…..But!!


The Butterflies 

Set everything aside; the best part about being single Is knowing that when you do finally find that perfect someone, you get to experience all the ‘first times’, all the butterflies and all the new memories.



You’ve got a lot to look forward to!


So there we go, that’s what it’s really like to be single; it’s a little bit of good, it’s a little bit of bad, it’s a little bit confusing and a whole lot of feelings-all-over-the-place sort of situation. But as your friends’ ‘inspo’ account would say, ‘there’s someone out there for everyone’. If you do feel like you’re ready to set things in motion, head over to queek’d and compare dating sites/apps the easy way. Finding the right dating site  means finding better matches. Get ready for the butterflies.


















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October 24, 2016
by Elisa@Queek'd
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We’re offering one lucky winner the chance to WIN an exclusive dating kit for those all important FIRST DATES. The dating kit includes lots of prizes that will help you be on your ‘A-game’ and have you dating with confidence. The contents of the dating kit includes: Pheromone spray, fun Ice Breaker cards, Mini Prosecco and a MUST-HAVE online dating guide for those looking for long-term love….plus many more exciting prizes.


How To Enter:

Complete both steps to be entered into the prize draw.

Step 1:

Twitter: ‘FOLLOW’ queek’d on Twitter and ‘Retweet’ the competition tweet.


Facebook: ‘LIKE’ queek’d on Facebook and ‘SHARE’ competition post.

Step 2:

Complete quiz on queek’d website  (link in post). Don’t forget to create an account as the WINNER will be contacted via email.



Twitter – http://dld.bz/fbvV4

Facecbook – http://dld.bz/fb5Ex


Please read the T&C’s below. We look forward to receiving your entry.





UK entrants only

Closing date 15th November 2016 at 5pm

Winner will be drawn at random by 17th November 2016

Winner will be announced by email.

Must complete steps 1 & 2 entrants to be entered into prize draw.

Entrants can only enter once.

Prize will be sent out via courier and may require a signature upon arrival.

Winner will receive prize within 28 days of closing date.

Cannot be exchanged for cash.

Prizes subject to change without prior notice.

We are not affiliated with brands associated with this competition.


queek'd tinder BURNOUT

October 21, 2016
by Elisa@Queek'd
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Reprogram Your Tinder Brain

How To Reprogram Your Dating Brain For Love

In this article we’re going to talk about Tinder Burnout, getting past it and reprogramming your dating brain for love with five, easy tips.

To The Left, To The Left

Have you started to mentally swipe people left and right in real life? Do you bite your lip and get excited and if you’re honest, a little bit of a buzz when you’ve been told ‘Congratulations, you have a new match’? Have you found yourself genuinely happy about travelling to a new place, not because of what it has to offer, but because of the new people it has to offer on Tinder? If this sounds like you, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that you are definitely addicted to Tinder. You’re probably constantly swearing that Tinder is just so rubbish and you’re never going to use it again, because clearly your perfect match isn’t on there, and you’re going to end up Pied Piping all the cats home to live with you until you die and they eat you and…. Oooh new people, my perfect match might only be a swipe away! Sound familiar?

You need to go through our Tinder rehab. No we’re not going to put anti-Tinder mittens on you to stop you swiping (although that’s a great idea, we’ll note that down for Dragons Den), but we are going to talk about this Tinder epidemic that is actually doing more harm than good when it comes to finding love. Yep, you heard it here first – an app designed to help you find love, actually has the potential to stop you finding love…


How & Why This Is Affecting You

As you probably believed Tinder and apps similar to it might be the best thing since the dog Snapchat filter for your love life, you’re probably wondering how something that gets you so excited could be so bad? Well, let’s clarify, we certainly don’t think it’s bad, apps like Tinder are great for some things, like casual love, but they aren’t the best for serious love.

queek'd tinder BURNOUT


Many, many people are finding some level of success with apps like Tinder, if only just to feel there’s hope out there in terms of a match. However, many people are also experiencing something we like to call Tinder Burnout.

Tinder Burnout applies to any quick match app and is where you’re so used to repeating the same process of swiping mindlessly throughout the day, that you’ve actually just started to treat Tinder more like a game or an easy high. Like checking the new videos on Snapchat or scrolling to refresh on Instagram – it is a compulsion to see what’s new, After a while, the genuine interest in the posts is replaced by a habitual compulsion to check you’re not missing out. So you swipe and swipe, see all the new profiles and then go onto another app for a while, or make food, or workout, then go back on for more swiping with no real intention, always being driven by the mentality that the perfect profile is only one swipe away…..but where does it end?

If you are serious about dating and finding love, (and you’re tired of getting swipe cramp!), consider swapping Tinder for a traditional dating site or app that focuses on helping people like you create long term relationships. It’s time to reprogram your dating brain for real love and leave mindless swiping in your past, it’s time to consciously choose to get the love you deserve.


7 Signs You Might Need To Reprogram Your Dating Brain:

  • After a while you might find yourself saying there’s no one out there for you, whilst still using dating apps anyway.
  • You might find your messages become empty and boring because you’re just going through the motions
  • You notice that you’re always waiting for a better match
  • You’re not really reading profiles
  • You’re only logged on to tick off looking at new profiles, without any real intention to actively consider these profiles as love matches
  • You feel like you need to flick through as many profiles as possible because the ultimate profile is one swipe away.
  • You go on dates but when you get home you still check your messages even when you really like the person from the date.


Does this sound like you?

If this sounds like you, you’re definitely showing signs you really do need to reprogram your dating brain. It can be quite a shock to take a step back and realise how much time you’ve spent mindlessly going through profile after profile, or worse, how many lovely dates have been neglected in favour of you secretly searching for a ‘more perfect match’. If you’ve truly become a bit of a Tinder zombie, we can guarantee you’re probably not enjoying online dating any more, and possibly not really experiencing much success beyond the elusive and delicious ‘Congratulations’ message. Don’t fret though, there’s a better online dating life ahead of you with these 5 tips…

queek'd tinder blog

5 Surefire Ways To Reprogram Your Dating Brain



Meditate before you browse to avoid cognitive burnout. Cognitive Burnout or ‘Tinder Burnout’ as we like to call it, is where you get a tired achy, tense brain from mindlessly scrolling through profiles. Setting a meditation before you go to browse means your brain will be clear of all the day’s worries, and you’ll be refocused and refreshed, ready to browse with an open heart and you won’t end up getting burnt out by the end. Think of meditation before browsing like stretching before a run – necessary preparation for the best results.


  1. Limit The Profiles You See

Use a dating site that releases a limited amount of new matches, like Elite Singles or eHarmony. This will ensure you aren’t endlessly searching for the next best profile on any given day, because you will naturally view all the new people there are to see, bringing your browsing to a natural end, giving you the time and headspace to read the profiles properly and send a message if you feel inclined. It’s all about quality over quantity.


  1. Take Your Time

Take your time to select profiles you like and slowly, consciously read them properly. All too often we can get used to just looking at a profile picture, or maybe a few stats, then moving on to the next. How often do you really digest what a person is saying about themselves? Take a little time to read their profile and you might find a niche hobby you have in common, or find they are really funny and humour is your number one priority in a match – you can’t find any of this out if you don’t take the time to read the profiles you like properly.


  1. Make Your First Message Count

Make the effort to contact a match you like with an interesting first message that matters. This could be your only chance to get heard by the other person, so say something interesting and insightful, something that shows you have read their profile. Statistics say; don’t use sorry in your opening line, avoid ‘lol’ or ‘haha’, get your grammar right and make it longer than a tweet (source).


  1. Look Beyond Profile Pictures

Look past profile photos, and past image in general, beauty is only skin deep – the true chemistry will come when you get to know the person. You may read their profile and see they have an amazing sense of humour, or the way they move and carry themselves when you meet them could get you all flustered because confidence makes you weak at the knees. Remember that their image and yours is only a small percentage of the package, especially when you’re looking for a long term match.


Are You Ready To Reprogram Your Dating Brain For Success?


You’re going to find success dating in this new way, as long as you do it consciously. The success is all down to your mindset. You might want to fall back to your default behaviour of swiping and scrolling, and find yourself getting text neck and finger cramp, realising you’ve gone straight back into burnout behaviour, but you now know how to get out of that cycle and back onto the path towards success.

Now is the time to retract that eager swiping finger, and embrace your new, conscious, stronger method of dating online, because you are ready to reprogram your dating brain for success. You are ready to find a deeper, more meaningful connection.


Ready to find relationship focused dating sites/apps?

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You’re just one play away.

Queek'd logo

September 28, 2016
by Elisa@Queek'd
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What is queek’d?

Have you heard about queek’d?


Have you been dating a while, but find yourself a bit swamped by the exciting, but ever so slightly confusing world of online dating? Do you struggle to know which sites are best for you? Which sites match your preferences? Would you love a helping hand when it comes to navigating your ship through this wonderful sea of dating opportunities? Perhaps you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and online dating is completely alien to you. Wouldn’t a guide to this incredible technological world be pretty great?

Say hi to queek’d – the only dating buddy you need.


Who is queek’d for?

queek’d is for all singles who are serious about being seriously in love. We take no issue with casual relationships, but our heart is with helping singles who want long term relationships. Anyone over the age of 18 will benefit from using queek’d, if they truly desire love, and perhaps have been struggling to find it via standard internet searches.


It’s Not An Exclusive Club, But It Is An Exciting Hub

queek’d is a modern, lively, inspirational, interactive and incredibly informative dating hub. It is a way for you to enjoy a streamlined online dating experience, with minimal searching needed – who has the time? We offer you a fun, and easy way to connect to the right site, from a database of over 30 (and growing) registered sites.

Question 1

A Quick & Easy Quiz

We have a pretty incredible quickie route for you to take to get you matched to the sites best suited to you, super-fast. We’ve custom built our very own algorithm that maps your preferences to different dating sites, making sure you never sign up to the wrong site again. No boring forms, or lengthy questions, just a simple, fun, interactive nifty quiz which uses our unique algorithm and 7 questions that when answered, will help you see which of the top 30 UK online dating sites are most applicable to you.



We have taken the time and expertise to individually and carefully collate the very best dating sites – niche and traditional. This is to ensure you are able to compare the cream of the crop really quickly, and with the greatest of ease. No need to scout each site out one at a time, simply have a gander at our comparison tables checking out the sites that rank highest or have the highest scores in our scoring system.

We have created this system with an aim of it one day becoming a universal scoring system across all dating sites. In the meantime, you get to benefit from it here as we apply it to all the online dating sites/apps listed on queek’d (you can also read more about our scoring system here).


Dating Advice, Evolved

What is Transformational Dating Advice? Well, one of the most unique aspects of queek’d (apart from our matching algorithm) is the consistent dedication to providing transformational advice. No flimsy, generic dating advice from us, we’re all about practical tips that will actually help you. Transformational advice is dating advice evolved, into handpicked information backed by a depth of knowledge and experience. Transformational dating advice is all about empowering you to transform your own love life, to hold the power over your own romantic destiny.



Coming Up

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September 26, 2016
by Elisa@Queek'd
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Naked Attraction: The Next Giant Leap in Dating?

Naked Attraction: Super, Or Superficial?


Now that Naked Attraction series 1 has ended and the dust has settled, we’re sharing our thoughts on this giant leap in dating evolution…

You’re sitting down with your cup of hot, strong tea with your comfies on, excited to snuggle up for an evening of cracking TV. You pick up the remote and start browsing channels, lions chasing a gazelle, a documentary about people on benefits, a game show, two women staring at loads of willies…. Wait, what? No, you haven’t accidentally signed up for some odd porn channel, you’ve switched on to Channel 4’s latest dating show, Naked Attraction. The format involves bisexual host Anna Ryder Richardson, speaking with singles (the daters) as they browse a selection of naked people (contestants) in ‘reveal compartments’. These compartments slowly reveal the bodies of the contestants bit by bit from the feet upwards until fully exposed, with the dater eliminating one person per every round. Eventually when they have the last three contestants on view in full, the dater can choose their final two who come out of their compartments, and chat to Anna while the dater goes and gets undressed, before coming back naked. They all then discuss the daters body and the dater then chooses between the final two contestants for a date. The show then follows up with a filmed (fully clothed) date in a bar, and then an interview with them both a few weeks later to see how they both got on.

This is surely groundbreaking TV. Would it have been promoted as acceptable viewing 20yrs ago? Absolutely not. But it’s exciting to see dating stripped back to its most natural, innocent form, especially as the full naked bodies aren’t airbrushed or lit to make them appear anything but dimply, wobbly, hairy, curvy, thin, muscular, and any other glorious natural form they might come in. Yay for body confidence and realism on the TV! Also a big round of applause for the closeups, which provide even more realism when it comes to the human body – this is certainly long overdue.

Body positive vibes and natural dating aside, the show certainly throws up some pretty hefty questions about dating.

Naked Attraction could be construed as a horrifically low, and crude sensationalist format for a dating show. Does this highlight how superficial we’ve become as a society? Are people angry at seeing willies on TV? Should we be impressed at real bodies being shown to our impressionable youth of today? Are most people excited at this great new dating format?


(Image – Channel4.com)

As A Dating Concept, It Could Be Great

Many believe the dating concept is shockingly bad, because it appears to support the idea that we should put looks first. However, you only have to watch one show to recognise that they are clearly trying to promote the idea of selecting partners based on our genes. The little facts about our bodies, and the history and statistics related to sexual attraction, paired with cute animations. An example could be an animation showing female cave women being more attracted to men with a firm well developed bum because it signals a strong hip thrust and excellent ability to run and hunt prey. Some might say facts like these are outdated, but why do we have to fight our genes? Times have moved on and women don’t need men to provide for them, but biologically our genes are still working at a very, well, deep rooted biological level. Your genes don’t care about equal pay or who’s going to pay the bill on the first date, they just want you to meet the best man or woman to make strong babies with, so both gene pools survive. Although some might say the science behind the show is badly executed, it isn’t the worst idea anyone ever had in terms of dating. Going ‘raw’ and back to basics could be a really great way to meet someone, especially as it allows us to be vulnerable. There’s no hiding behind a designer coat, or push up bra. Surely that has to be great for dating? Being our complete and open, honest, naked selves?


Some Might Say The Body Confidence Message Gets A Bit Lost

It is great that we can date in such a plainly open way with Naked Attraction, but one could argue that the body confidence message gets a bit lost, therefore muddling up the potentially strong dating premise for the show.

The bodies are unairbrushed, and come in many shapes and sizes, but, there are a few little issues that should be discussed before Naked Attraction is labelled as the next giant leap in body confidence.

There are various issues. Those applying for the show are naturally going to be more body confident than most, so naturally, the general standard of body is going to be much higher than if say you took a look underneath the clothes at 6 random people in the general public. Size 16 is the most common size in women in the UK, yet ladies who are more curvy are less commonly seen on the show. The same goes for men. In real life you’re more likely to see curvier men and women out in public, but on the show people tend to be in much better shape, which makes sense because those who fit a more idealised version of what society thinks a body ‘should’ look like are more likely to be OK showing it off on TV. How can we make people more confident about their bodies if we can’t get anyone with a more ‘normal’ body on the show, and so the vicious circle continues with people viewing believing they have to be a certain shape or size to be beautiful. This is something that may change in the future as models like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham are making a media storm, and curves are finally being more accepted, but the show proves that we’re perhaps some way off being a nation of hourglass ladies embracing larger sizes just yet.

(Image - Channel4.com)

(Image – Channel4.com)

Another potential problem is the running commentary from Anna and the person choosing a date. It can be extremely harsh, saying comments such as ‘That is a big bush’ and ‘I have never seen nipples so pale before’ and even commenting suggestions on a woman’s outie labia. This is where it gets tricky, because everyone has a certain taste and opinion, but surely by commenting on people’s bodies on TV there’s a certain responsibility in terms of impressionable viewers? The contestants know what they are in for, so they have to take some responsibility for putting themselves up for scrutiny, but it is a worry that a viewer could see a body on the programme like their own, it being scrutinised and then come away from their viewing experience feeling ashamed or embarrassed somehow.

In terms of body confidence, the programme sure wants to get us seeing real bodies in all their glory, with all their differences. But as it stands, we feel that there isn’t enough of a selection of different body types being shown on the programme at the moment, and having a better selection of bodies that represent all body shape demographics in the UK, could be the key to pushing the programme into a real gold standard of realism and true body confidence.


It Could Be Really, Really Great

Although Naked Attraction certainly has potential and has gotten people talking, the flaws are a bit too numerous at the moment to hail it as the next big thing in terms of dating and body confidence. With a little tweaking the program could really help individuals accept their bodies and love themselves for who they are. Although Anna does a great job of trying not to scrutinise the contestants, if her comments were a little more conscious with less objectifying and scrutiny, and more positivity and acceptance, it could seriously encourage less confident viewers to feel ok with their bodies. In terms of singles finding love this way, the story isn’t over yet. The first couple to connect in episode one seemed to have a true, deep connection during the follow up, and although the couples after that didn’t seem to have much love for each other at all, there’s still hope yet. Perhaps a few tweaks with the choosing process could remedy this, and following the tremendous social media feedback from this first series, perhaps (and fingers crossed) we will see a few changes in the next series that iron out these few creases.

(Image - Channel4.com)

(Image – Channel4.com)


Singles Should Focus On Personality


Naked Attraction is a really great start to exploring a different way to match singles, especially for those still on the fence about online dating. And there’s no doubt it’s a more honest way to see the human body. Will there be a series two? Who knows, but until the idea of naked dating takes off, we see online dating continuing to make waves in the matchmaking space.

Physical chemistry matters, but personality should still be our number one priority when it comes to dating. A person’s physical attributes turning you on, might make for some great sex, but they don’t necessarily make for a great relationship, some go for looks but others don’t. Harking back to facts from caveman times is all well and good, but back then we just wanted someone to give us a strong baby, we didn’t want someone to cuddle up with on the sofa, to go on long bike rides with, or to chat about our favourite topics with. These key differences are what separate modern day dating and procreating dating. For singles in such a superficial society, it might be hard to focus on what’s on the inside, but it’s imperative that we do. It is the only way to get to know someone’s heart and soul, which is what really matters when it comes to making a true, long term love match.